Who you think would more likely to purchase your product, a customer who watch your explainer video or those who don’t?

Animated explainer videos are specifically made to deliver product information. This allows consumer to make their purchase decisions without need to scroll through products endless features. But, before you start creating this effective marketing tool, we have compiled 5 things to consider:

  1. Make a targeted explainer video

It is important to understand the need to make explainer video for your target audience, since your target market is the root of everything. This will help you to get the required overall tone of video you want to create. From this understanding, it is quite possible to determine many other things like script, images, colours and voice over. Moreover, it will make you understand problems that your customers face and how you can solve these.

  1. Make it simple

We have seen that the most successful explainer videos are those that are made in simplest way. With clear message and a defined goal, customer can easily learn how amazing your product is.

  1. Find the Right Video Agency

Looking for the right explainer video production company? Ask yourself these types of questions. Like, what aspects of video production they cover? You’ll find some agencies that pursue your work from its start till it completes.  Whereas, many others will carry through the video animation part only and leave the rest to you. Remember your mission. You have to communicate a clear message to your clients to get effective, yet simple explainer video. Look for video production agency that produce tailored videos for each brand. Also, do their videos create engaging content? If you find yourself not watching their whole video, and your attention is consistently dropping off after 15 seconds, it’s a sign that you should run away!

  1. Optimize video time

Many experts suggest keeping optimal length of explainer video in 60 to 120 seconds range. Your video should be like a teaser. A successful video explains their entire offering in small amount of time, and leave viewers wanting more. Thus, a compelling explainer video will show problem, its solution, and an effective call-to-action.

  1. An effective script

While building your own script, you need to realize you don’t have much word count to play with. Script should be more like telling a story, since stories are powerful, engaging, relatable, and lastly stories convert.