Letting your audience know what your company is about is important. How you choose to relay this information is important too. One excellent way to it is via explainer videos.

Now, most people are aware of how to make explainer videos. But, is that enough? No. Instead, in order to stand out, you must make the best explainer videos in the market. Here are a few tips that might come in handy.

The quality of the script matters

A lot of people think merely making creative whiteboard explainer videos is enough. The truth is if your script isn’t good enough it doesn’t matter if you invested in animated explainer videos. The video will not engage an audience and hence will be futile.

As a rule of thumb, get someone from the outside to write the script for you. This will give you a new perspective on your company. It will also make sure that you don’t end up saying things that are harder for the outside world to understand. After all, it is about your audience and not your expertise.

Make it short

Remember, nowadays people are living a time compressed lifestyle. This means that no one has the time to view lengthy product videos. You will start losing your audience a few minutes into the video. Some might not even bother if they see the length before the video starts playing.

Hence, to retain an audience, make your video short and pithy. Give them the top line benefits of your product. Provide them with enough information to have awareness about your company. The rest of it can wait.

Talk about benefits

If you are making product explainer videos, try to focus on the benefits. Don’t excessively mention the features. Your customers don’t really care about the feature. They are interested in what the features can do for them. So, rather than taking a product-centric approach, take a customer-centric one. Focus on their needs above all.

Seamless integration with your website

Wherever you choose to place your explainer video, it should make sense. Rather than standing out, it should blend well with the rest of the website. You can do so by following similar tones and themes. It should look like it is a part of your website and hence your organization.


Whether you chose free explainer videos or decide to invest in one, make sure you create quality. Follow these tips and see the effect.