If you want to create B2B explainer videos that will attract attention and convert customers to sales, here is what you need to do! Read and find out more!

With video becoming a popular and highly effective marketing strategy, it is really important your B2B promotional campaign to include as many videos as possible. More and more businesses and brands are using videos and there must be a reason for it. B2B marketers have finally understood the great value that video adds to their promotional strategies and campaigns. A high-quality and good video can significantly increase conversions and boost sales. It doesn’t matter that you are targeting businesses, you are still connecting with people and people prefer videos and respond positively to the right type of video. Here is how everything goes – if the video is interesting and engaging, it will encourage customers to move through the marketing funnel and your brand will take advantage of the benefits.

If you are interested in creating B2B explainer videos, you have come to the right place! We are going to show you what you need to do to come up with a great and perfect b2b video:

  • Identify the purpose: High-quality and best B2B explainer videos should have a concise and clear purpose. If you want to achieve great results, you need to have the right content prepared at different stages of the marketing funnel. You need to plan and carefully consider what you want to accomplish with your video. In other words, you need to determine the purpose of your video.
  • Show you appreciate quality: The first impressions are really important, so it is essential for your video to be professionally done and most importantly of an excellent quality. Keep in mind that a video that looks poor and amateur doesn’t really capture the attention and also may result in negative comments and loss of interest in your brand, product or service. In order for you to create an amazing B2B explainer video, you need to focus on making the entire process perfect, starting from creating the video, writing the right script, editing it properly and etc. Everything needs to be done in a professional way. To get a better idea on this you can go to https://squareship.com/explainer/

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  • Keep the video short: You need to create short videos, from 60 to 90 seconds. If the video is longer than 90 seconds, your customers may lose interest and quit watching your video. If you have a lot to say and share with your customers, you can make series of videos. You can determine areas that may need to be explored or explained and make a short and fun video about each.
  • Build trust: An ideal b2B explainer video is not a sales pitch but a video that gives your potential buyers an insider view. The video is here to establish trust and convince your customers that you are reliable brand and the right company for their needs. This may be easily achieved by making the explainer video informative and casual and at the same time – engaging. You can include a virtual tour or all of your facilities, show how your business works, and etc.

  • Capture emotion: The perfect explainer video must grab attention, engage viewers and motivate them to take an action. B2B explainer videos can accomplish this by making use of powerful emotions to share a story. You can create a video that includes that issues that your company feels passionate about.
  • Offer a solution: You should present a problem and offer a solution at the same time. This is your chance to tell your customers how you can help them.

Video is a very powerful strategy in b2B marketing. An effective and great b2B explainer video may be just what you need to attract customers!